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Review from "The Clarinet," Vol. 42, No. 1 December 2014

By Gregory Barrett

Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart.

 Laudate Dominum from Vespera solennes de confessore, K. 339 for Soprano, Clarinet and Piano.

Arranged by Anthony Masiello.

      2013, Duration: 4' $16.95

    Mozart's Laudate Dominum is scored for soprano soloist, chorus and orchestra (with the only wind instrument being a bassoon) in a spare four-part-texture that translates well to soprano, clarinet and piano.  In Masiello's excellent arrangement the clarinet takes the line of the first violins and has the honor of setting the tone of the work with a lovely 10-measure introduction before the soprano repeats its phrases.  As befits the text, the mood throughout is devout and expressive in a moderately slow 6/8 F major.  Beyond the obvious use during a church service this would be a lovely selection to close any recital shared by soprano and clarinet.